Hi, I am Savy Griffin.

I am a natural-light photographer who is based in Utah with 7 years of experience. I was born and raised moving all over the planet every few years so I was practically born with a love for travel and photography. I started out as a toddler learning how to use my parents film camera and took photos of literally everything that and everyone.

With a father in the Army and a husband joining the Air-force, I have learned to acclimate myself to change. My best friends come and go every year or so and I am used to missing out on gaps of the lives of my family members. Photography is so important to me because it captures what otherwise would be gone, and has allowed me to connect with my loved ones even when they lived on the other side of the world. It is because of this that I have no problem with moving! In fact, I LOVE it. New places and people excite me and I would never choose a different life.

Some other things I love in life are food (particularly Mexican food), live music, all animals (except for snakes), Madewell jeans, C.S. Lewis novels, and anything from London.



“Savy is great! She is always so flexible and willing to work with you through everything. Her prices are affordable, especially for what you get. She always does her best to make you feel comfortable and confident during the shoot and she is so so hilarious! The images I have received by far exceeded my expectations. They are high quality and absolutely beautiful. Thank you Savy!”